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Bonus Blooms

Just enter your code below for a chance to win a free bouquet or one of our other prizes. Even if you don't win a prize you can sign up for our email campaigns and receive special offers! LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOR SPECIAL GIVEAWAYS AND UPDATES :)

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Bonus Blooms FAQs / Rules

  1. Where can I find my game code?
    Your game code will normally be found on the card you received with your flowers. If you don't see one, please call us!
  2. How do I claim my prize?
    If you're a winner, you'll be given instructions for claiming your prize right on the screen. If you have any trouble, please contact us and we'll double check your entry.
  3. Can I switch my prize for something else?
    We're sorry, but prizes cannot be exchanged.
  4. Can I use my prize to send a bouquet to someone else?
    Certainly! You can enter any recipient you'd like when you redeem your winning code.
  5. May I opt to receive cash instead of a prize?
    Unless you won a cash prize in our drawing, you may not elect to receive cash.
  6. How do I know if I won?
    It's easy! When you received your flowers, there should have been a code included in the card. Take that code, and when you visit our website, click on the link for our bonus program. Enter the code when prompted. If you've got a winning number, we'll tell you! If you do not have a winning number, you'll be given the opportunity to join our mailing list and receive special offers and promotions throughout the year.
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